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VIDEO-PODCAST Mind/Body/Spirit

Check out our NEW Video/Podcast series. Now, you have 2 options! You can listen in on a traditional podcast OR watch it as a video. Either way, it's great health and wellness information created just for you!

 "The Mind-Body-Spirit Videocast & Podcast features both local and national guests. We discuss how thoughts and actions impact health and wellness. Focusing on natural and alternative methods for healing, we look for a blend of Western and Eastern perspectives. Along the way, we will meet people who do energy (chi) work, some who commune with the beyond, vegetarian and vegan chefs, meditation and massage masters, and we will hear some unusual perspectives. You never know what we will discuss next, so don't miss a single moment!"

(Note - Views expressed by the guest are their own. The Videocast/Podcast is not an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. Ideas expressed are for information only.)

VIDEO PODCAST Episode 8 - TrueMedX

VIDEO PODCAST Episode 8 - TrueMedX

Chip and Cynthia Paul, the research and development team behind TrueMedX discuss their work. Read More » 

VIDEO PODCAST Episode 7 - Fulcrum Health  Wellness

VIDEO PODCAST Episode 7 - Fulcrum Health & Wellness

Mark Fergeson of Fulcrum Health & Wellness discusses hormonal, autoimmune and PANS/PANDAS treatments Read More » 

PODCAST - The Ankrum Institute

PODCAST Episode 6 - The Ankrum Institute

Leigh Ankrum, the Institute's founder, discusses the body, training for a paradigm shift in bodywork and a few AHA! moments. Read More » 

PODCAST - Plant Medicines and Transformation

PODCAST Episode 5 - Plant Medicines and Transformation

Leticia Pizano of One Spirit Native American Church & Tiffany Stuhr of Two Pillars Foundation Church - join together to bring us an educational chat about plant medicine and transformation. Read More » 

PODCAST - Sisters and Doctors

PODCAST Episode 4 - Sisters and Doctors

Sisters, Kristen and Kelsey talk about their journey to nutritional health AND the influence one had on the other in their chosen careers. Nutritionists. Chiropractors. Sisters. Read More » 

PODCAST - Proud To Serve

PODCAST Episode 3 - Proud To Serve

Dr. Audrey May-Jones discusses Biological Dentistry and why the mouth matters. Read More » 

PODCAST- Healing Hands

PODCAST Episode 2 - Healing Hands Veterinary

Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help heal our furry friends. Dr. Kimberly Weiss loves all creatures, great and small, feathery, scaly, prickly or stinky - she really loves them all. Read More »

PODCAST Episode 1 - Likeminded Therapies

PODCAST Episode 1 - Likeminded Therapies

Clinic and School - Massage might have been overlooked in the past and not regarded as an integral part of a health and wellness journey. Jesse Cox and Rodrick Neher are part of changing ... Read More » 


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Guided Meditations - A little love from Shanna

Guided Meditations - A little love from Shanna

Shanna wrote and recorded 3 meditations for you. Each one takes about 10 minutes and can help you relax, reconnect and feel more grounded. Read More » 


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