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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

Mind/Body/Spirit - Podcast


WHAT'S NEW - Healing Hands Veterinarian Clinic.  Dr. Kimberly Weiss uses chiropractic and acupuncture on her patients. And boy, has she had some interesting creature experiences! Listen in on this fun conversation. Get ready to laugh and learn!

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Click HERE for the Trailer for the NA Mind/Body/Spirit Podcast!

You can listen to the Podcast right now by clicking on your favorite platform.  Just click below! 

"Listen in as we discuss the Mind-Body-Spirit connection during conversations with some interesting people! With our local and national guests, we look at how thoughts and actions impact health and wellness. Focusing on natural and alternative methods for healing, we look for a blend of Western and Eastern perspectives. Along the way, we will meet people who do energy (chi) work, some who commune with the beyond, vegetarian and vegan chefs, meditation and massage masters, and we will hear some unusual perspectives about the meaning of life, and the afterlife. You never know what we will discuss next, so don't miss a single moment!"

Note - Views expressed by the guest are their own. Their appearance on the podcast does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. This podcast is a public service brought to you by Natural Awakenings, OK and our parent company, Manna Services Groups.  Ideas expressed on the podcast are for information only. )

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