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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

Local Blog / Article - YOUR TOP 5 SUGGESTIONS

Note: This is a list of your top suggestions for holistic health. You can focus on mental, physical, spiritual issues, or any combination of that. Just get really practical and give people some great actionable advice that they can really use!

Below we’ve supplied a series of questions for you to create a "YOUR TOP 5 SUGGESTIONS" Blog. If you don't want to use these questions, then write your blog in a Word document, and email it to: [email protected].

Monthly local blogs/articles posted on are FREE for all of our website advertisers. If you are not a website advertiser the cost is $100 per article per month and is open to anybody in the Oklahoma community. 

Since this is a Local Blog/Article with YOUR NAME and BYLINE, you can write whatever you like. You can write about yourself or your business, and include some personal perspective and biographical information exploring what you do and why. This may include a spiritual angle elaborating on the motives that drive you to contribute to the community.

* WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY YOUR CONTENT. Please follow these guidelines - no coarse language, no profanities, no attacking other religions or belief systems, no attacking genders or sexuality, no overtly political ads, no miraculous claims, no mean words (because mean people suck.) Just be nice.