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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

INSTRUCTIONS for writing your Local Blog/Articles

Blogs are free for our advertisers. They are also great ways for you to have a personal touch with our website visitors. As we continue to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on this website, your articles and links will show up more frequently in Google and other search engines! (WOOHOO) That is the name of the game when it comes to marketing.

Don't let the idea of writing a blog intimidate you, because we have made the process of writing a whole lot easier. There are 2 basic ways for you to create a great blog:

  1.  open up a Word document and write it out, then send it to us at [email protected]
  2. OR - use one of our easy-peasy blog prompts under this "Blog Submissions" dropdown
There are 9 different blog/articles that you can write using our Blog Prompts. They are listed in the dropdown as "Local Blog / Article - " All you have to do is click on the blog/article you want to create, and answer the questions. Then....hit send, and the BLOG PROMPT form will come to us! EASY-PEASY.

You can also attach a picture or graphic with your blog. Some people send links to their videos, podcasts, vidcasts, etc. The more we can keep the readers engaged and informed, the better.  Your blogs / articles will also show up on your business page here on the Natural Awakenings website as related content, giving each blog more reach.  We will also send you links to your material so that you can post the links on your personal or business website, facebook or other social media. By doing this, it will increase SEO for all of us - a Win-Win!

Since this is a Local Blog/Article with YOUR NAME and BYLINE, you can write whatever you like and as little or as much as you want. You can write about yourself or your business, and include some personal perspective and biographical information exploring what you do and why. This may include a spiritual angle elaborating on the motives that drive you to contribute to the community.

Once you have created several of these monthly blogs, it will be a lot easier. But in the beginning, if you have questions, then don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will walk you through the process.

Mark and Shanna Warner