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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma


Ready to try advertising on Oklahoma's Natural Awakenings website? It's a budget-SMART way to connect with thousands of people.

Each month, we average 35K hits on our website. Yes, 35 THOUSAND. That's a lot of eyeballs. (We use Google analytics and Cloudflare to track hits and traffic.)  We offer WEBSITE + PRINT ads to get the best of both worlds! Print advertising is more expensive because paper and ink is expensive. (Boy, do we know this! Our expenses have gone up by nearly 50% over the last 2 years, but our advertising prices have not. )  

During the last 12 months Oklahoma's Natural Awakenings printed and distributed 160K magazines, with over 82 feature stories, 21 local articles, 129 news items, and 33 recipes. (Plus over 350K hits to our website and exclusive online-only articles.)  Put the POWER of Natural Awakenings in Oklahoma to work for you. In print and digital, we connect you with our readers, listeners and viewers. 

Advertise your healthy, sustainable, conscious or socially responsible business or organization in Natural Awakenings.

Natural Awakenings Oklahoma, is a free magazine, distributed monthly, printed bi-monthly, focused on healthy living. We offer a breadth of creative marketing expertise spanning more than 25 years that can be used to reach your specific advertising goals. We seamlessly integrate national and local content, creating synergy and resources unmatched by other health and wellness publications.

Multiple advertising opportunities allow you to build and maintain your brand’s presence within your target market of health-conscious individuals. Through cutting-edge, inspiring print content and a dynamic, community website, Natural Awakenings Oklahoma, helps you get connected and stay effective.

Your print ad in Natural Awakenings works for you much longer than daily or weekly publications--and readers keep and refer back to their issues, long after the months have passed. Online advertising is even more effective, with great rates and opportunities to promote your business. Maximize your visibility and take advantage of unique opportunities to promote your business with Natural Awakenings' PRINT + DIGITAL AD PACKAGES!


As one of the largest national publications serving the natural living community, Natural Awakenings reaches millions of readers each month who are interested in leading a healthy and sustainable life. No other locally focused publication can claim the brand recognition we have across North America.

Natural Awakenings distributors and staff often hear from local area businesses that our magazines are more popular than our competitors when placed side-by-side. What’s more, Natural Awakenings readers often refer to each issue of the magazine again and again, providing repeat exposure for your business. 


A $1.5 trillion marketplace exists for goods and services that focuses on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. These consumers are the typical Natural Awakenings readers… representing one in four adult Americans or 41 million people!

Our Readers:

  • 88% have been reading Natural Awakenings for more than six months
  • 44% purchase from our advertisers between two and three times per month
  • 34.2% share their magazine with two or more additional readers
  • 54% are female
  • 69% are between 25 and 44 years of age
  • 81% are college educated
  • 49% purchase healthy or organic food
  • 51% attend exercise or fitness events

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