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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma


Ready to try advertising on Oklahoma's Natural Awakenings website? It's a budget-SMART way to connect with thousands of people.

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Each month, we average 35K hits on our website. Yes, 35 THOUSAND. That's a lot of eyeballs. (We use 2 different analytic programs to track hits and traffic.)  We offer 4 WEBSITE ad packages that are affordable for even the smallest business. (This means that local health and wellness businesses can even the playing field and hit the market that had once been reserved for only the largest businesses.)

Advertise your healthy, sustainable, conscious or socially responsible business or organization on the Natural Awakenings website.

Natural Awakenings Oklahoma, is a free digital magazine, with new articles updated monthly, distributed via email twice monthly and with over 8000 exclusive searchable articles online! We offer a breadth of creative marketing expertise spanning more than 25 years. We seamlessly integrate national and local content, creating synergy and resources unmatched by other health and wellness websites. 

We put the power of local AND national articles to work for our advertisers

Multiple advertising opportunities allow you to build and maintain your brand’s presence within the target market of health-conscious individuals. Through cutting-edge, inspiring national content and dynamic, community content, Natural Awakenings Oklahoma, helps you get connected and stay effective.

As one of the largest national health and wellness publisher groups serving the natural living community, Natural Awakenings reaches millions of readers each month who are interested in leading a healthy and sustainable life. No other locally focused website can claim the brand recognition we have across North America.

Consumers are looking for what you offer, and we can help you get connected

A $1.5 trillion marketplace exists for goods and services that focuses on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. These Natural Awakenings consumers represent one in four adult Americans or 41 million people!

  • 88% have been reading Natural Awakenings for more than six months
  • 44% purchase from our advertisers between two and three times per month
  • 34.2% share information with two or more additional readers
  • 54% are female
  • 69% are between 25 and 44 years of age
  • 81% are college educated
  • 49% purchase healthy or organic food
  • 51% attend exercise or fitness events

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