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Curious About Using Psychedelics for Healing? Learn the Safe Way.

Apr 03, 2023 10:40PM ● By Candi Boyer
Curious About Using Psychedelics for Healing? Learn the Safe Way.

Taking psychedelics for getting unstuck, healing, finding joy, and accessing
deeper connection is not straightforward. We’ve learned from working with
hundreds of people that creating a container of safety, spiritual
connectedness, preparation, and integration is essential for profound, lasting
results. You are supported by this framework in our Entheogen Retreat

Our in-depth Entheogen Retreat Program is a multi-week journey to provide
comprehensive preparation, group connection, a profound entheogen retreat
using psilocybin mushrooms, and post-ceremony support to understand and
integrate your experience.
Our newest offering includes:

1. a virtual, group 5-week preparation phase
2. a 3-day retreat using psilocybin mushrooms, just SW of Oklahoma City
3. another 5-week virtual group phase for integration

We have two more programs planned for 2023 and spots fill quickly.

Learn all about the programs and next steps at the following links.
June 16th retreat, with preparation beginning May 16th:

October 13th retreat, with preparation beginning September 12th:

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