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Prevention Of the Loss of Teeth


In 1943, C. C. Bass, M.D. published a research paper titled “Prevention Of the Loss of Teeth”. Dr. Bass had retired as Dean of the Tulane Medical School, and in his ‘retirement’, he learned more about the cause of tooth decay and gum disease than dentistry had in a hundred years. Now, eighty years later, dentistry did not appreciate the research Dr.. Bass did, because he was a Medical Doctor, and not a dentist. Dr. Bass observed the bristles on a toothbrush were hard, had sharp and ragged ends on them, and would tear up the gums. In his research, Dr. Bass designed a toothbrush and dental floss that he found through experiment worked the best in disrupting and disorganizing the gunk that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Today, Dr. Bass is considered the father of Preventive Dentistry.


In 1958, the founder of POH, Robert Jones, D.D.S., went to New Orleans and took the course in preventing dental disease from Dr. Bass. Dr. Jones was convinced. The method Dr. Bass advocated actually did prevent tooth decay and gum disease, so Dr. Jones taught all his patients. Even his dental colleagues wanted to know what he was doing different than they were. Dr. Jones had been getting toothbrushes and floss directly from Dr. Bass. When Dr. Jones’ colleagues starting wanting some, Dr. Bass could not keep up and Dr.. Jones started POH in Tulsa to make the kind of toothbrush and floss Dr. Bass had scientifically determined would do the best job of cleaning teeth. POH has been helping people clean, and therefore keep, their teeth since 1961.


Dr. Jones lectured around the world to groups of dentists about Dr. Bass, personal oral hygiene and the prevention of dental disease. Around the world for over sixty years, Preventive Dentist’s have taught their patients how to effectively clean their teeth, and not need to have any dental repair work done. Surprisingly, toothpaste and mouthwash are not needed. That saves money. Plus, Dr. Bass’ method and POH toothbrushes used with water only means you are not exposed to harsh chemicals, alcohol or fluoride. Simply cleaning your teeth once a day, before bedtime, will do more to prevent tooth decay and gum disease than all the mouthwash in the world.


The POH toothbrush and floss are as different from the usual toothbrush and floss on the store shelves today as they were back in 1961. In 1961, the POH soft toothbrush was a hard sell, because all of dentistry recommended a hard bristle. Not many dentist’s were advising patients to floss then, either. The method of using the toothbrush and floss is key.


POH dental floss went to the Moon as part of a science experiment on the Apollo Moon missions, POH floss is made of nylon, does not shed forever chemicals, and gets teeth squeaky clean. In our sixty plus years of supplying POH floss to the dental community, we know that dentist’s either love or hate POH floss, nobody has a lukewarm opinion!


Only you can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. By properly cleaning your teeth, disrupting and disorganizing the gunk on them every night before bed, you break the chain of dental disease. Simple personal oral hygiene is what you need. If you are reading this, chances are you have tried all the options for keeping your teeth healthy. POH is different. Give us a try! POH has classes on the Bass Method, inquire by email to [email protected] or go to

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