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Mediumship - Connecting With Those Who Have Crossed Over

Jan 26, 2023 10:32AM ● By Joan Marie

I began seeing Spirit as a child. I wasn't scared until I mentioned it to my religious parents and was told that it was "of the Devil". That really scared me! It didn't stop me from seeing Spirits, but it did stop me from talking about it. As I grew the communication intensified as did the ability to see auras, glimpses into other's lives, experiences, and energetic fields.

As an adult, I decided to explore my abilities more deeply. I wanted to understand why I was receiving this information and what I was to do with it. In attending workshops with some of the worlds greatest Mediums and Psychics, I finally realized that this is a gift, sent to help people in their grieving process. Each Mediumship session is unique. I have had Spirits offer guidance, extend regret and apologies, and mostly, to convey love and assurance that they, Spiritually, are still with us. The sessions offer healing and hope.

Through word of mouth and referrals, my client base has grown from local clients to all across the country and internationally. Although I never intended to become a professional Medium, I can now see that every experience and previous job was preparing me for this occupation. I am grateful and humbled to be able to assist others in reconnecting with their loved ones.

I am blessed to be able to work with my friend and mentor, Sherl Salyer. She was led by Spirit to open Innergistic and has been encouraging and supportive throughout my journey. Her hard work and dedication is an inspiration to me. Innergistic is metaphysical shop in Broken Arrow offering classes, events and spiritual services.

As a painfully shy child and adult, I could have never imagined talking with strangers all day, let alone doing group presentations. I always assumed I would do something quiet and alone, like writing. I meditate a lot. I keep connected to Spirit. I listen to my Spirit guide. I allow myself to be a conduit for Spirit. I enjoy quiet time alone with nature and animals. Animals have the natural ability to communicate through energy as opposed to words.

I am motivated by the healing I see take place when I present evidential facts about their loved ones. The moment they go from grieving to realizing that they are still connected, even in passing. I attended the Authur Findlay College of Spiritualist and Psychic Sciences in the UK. It has gathered some of the worlds best Psychic and Mediumship tutors and offers structured training in ability and ethics.

I will follow where ever Spirit leads me. I don't make plans I concentrate on doing my best today and let the Universe guide my along my journey.

For more information, contact Joan Marie, at Innergistic at 2401 S. Elm, Broken Arrow, OK. 918-455-0102 or go to their website

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