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Meditation and Visualization - Tools for Self-Hypnosis

Jan 21, 2023 06:05PM ● By Shanna Warner

Life is short, and many people are filled with worry. What if there was a way to be less worried, more relaxed and happy instead? This is how I help people at Get Happy Hypnosis.

My goal in creating this business was to share my love of meditation, visualization and self-hypnosis. All have been invaluable in the healing of my our traumas and painful memories. I know that if it has worked for me, then it might work for you, too.

I offer only 4 specific services, all use meditation, visualization and self-hypnosis. 1. Inner Healing training, complete with a simple 30-day booklet for hone usage 2. Generational Trauma Release - helping clients move past their painful past 3. Visualizing the Activity of Your Powerful Immune System - training to visualize a boost in immunity 4. Past-Life Regressions

There is no typical client for me. Everyone I see has a desire to make changes, but often don't know how. Or perhaps they feel that a block is preventing them from doing so. My goal is to help them find new pathways to healing through meditation, visualization and self-hypnosis.

My office is at 3355 S Jamestown, Upstairs Suite 2, Tulsa Oklahoma. The facility doors are locked at all times, so appointments are required. You can email me at [email protected] and my website is Registrations forms are available on the website.

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