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Entheogen Retreat Programs Coming Soon

Jan 02, 2023 03:07PM ● By Candi Boyer
Announcing:  2023 Entheogen Retreat Programs in Oklahoma starting February 28

Experience safe and life-changing results through our in-depth Entheogen

Retreat Program, a multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation,
a profound entheogen retreat using psilocybin mushrooms, and post-
ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

Our newest offering includes:

   1. a virtual, group 5-week preparation phase
   2. a 3-day retreat using psilocybin mushrooms, just SW of Oklahoma City
   3. another 5-week virtual group phase for integration

Three programs are planned for 2023, each open now for registration.
February 28th
May 16th
September 12th

Learn more details about our first scheduled program and sign up at

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