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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

Current Letter from the Publisher

Sep 02, 2022 10:17PM ● By Shanna Warner

Welcome to Our Digital World

If you enjoy this magazine and have been following along for the last two years, then I’ve got great news for you: we are about to grow again! Many of you know that Mark and I began Natural Awakenings Oklahoma at the beginning of 2020. And then… COVID happened to all of us. We couldn’t distribute the magazine because so many businesses were shut down. So we focused on our website, We put all of the content online, encouraged our advertisers (who make Natural Awakenings possible) to publish there and invited everyone to come browse. And wow—we have grown to 35,000 hits monthly on our website. THANK YOU!

Now that things are getting back to (sort of) normal, we knew we had to find a way to fully support both the print and digital sides of Natural Awakenings, since both are equally popular, and we are so excited to begin that change with this issue.

The print edition of Natural Awakenings Oklahoma will still be distributed monthly, but issues will cover two months. The magazine will still be packed with wonderfully informative and thought-provoking articles. If you loved us before, you’re going to really love us now.

At the same time, local businesses will have even more opportunities to submit online-only, web-exclusive content to inform, encourage and support Oklahomans on an ongoing basis. According to the Pew Research Center, readers today are split about half and half between print and digital. Their research shows that 27 percent of adults don’t read books at all (yikes, the shock and horror); 37 percent read printed material; 35 percent are reading electronic or online information. We have seen this fact in action through the growth of our website.

We have so much great content that it just can’t fit on the pages of a printed magazine, and all of that extra content is available online for free. You can search through back issues, look up local businesses, read national and local articles, and clip coupons or offers from our advertisers. 

Go to and sign up for the digital magazine. It will be emailed to you along with our twice-monthly newsletter. Subscribers are entered in our giveaways and get exclusive peeks at new articles and recipes. Welcome to the digital world of Natural Awakenings Oklahoma!

With love and veggies,