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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

3-Day Divine Feminine & Masculine Retreat

Aug 01, 2022 09:10PM ● By Tiffany Stuhr & Candi Boyer

Feminine & Masculine Retreat

Sacred Pillars Church is excited to announce its latest immersive transformational opportunity, the 3-Day Divine Feminine & Masculine Retreat, taking place September 9 through 11. Held on 65 beautiful, secluded acres in Newcastle, Oklahoma, the entire weekend is designed to allow attendees to nurture, honor and bring harmony and balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and to come into holy communion with themselves, their relationships and nature.

Attendees should expect to set aside judgment and prejudice to be open to new perspectives on how to relate to one another and build this synergistic communion. Making this possible are a variety of curated ceremonies, including meditation, fire ceremony, ecstatic dance, authentic relating activities, breathwork, entheogen ceremony in nature, sweat lodge ceremony, smoke and foot baths, and integration sharing circle.

The retreat includes two nights’ indoor sleeping accommodations, most meals, one-on-one follow-up integration support and a thorough preparation and integration packet for making lasting and impactful life changes.

For more information and to register, visit