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Recovery After a Heart Attack

Jun 01, 2022 11:42AM ● By Marc Samson

Recovery After a Heart Attack

When Natural Awakenings reader Marc Samson had a heart attack, he was thankful to be a survivor and did not want to repeat the experience. He took charge of his health and has a great cardiac rehabilitation success story to share. 

Samson went from ten drugs a day to just one baby aspirin for maintenance. Today, he is healthier than 15 years ago when he had his heart attack. He no longer suffers from high blood pressure, acid reflux or high cholesterol. He took control over his eating habits and lost weight. He created a life that was full of energy. 

“Sorry hospital,” he confidently states, “you are NOT about to see me back soon! Sorry drugstore, I am no longer an important customer for you.”

Once Samson took charge of his health, he decided to follow the laws of living biology, natural and holistic medicine. He did not invent anything, because all the information was readily available for everyone. He just put it in an order that was easy to understand and follow. 

The 7 Components to the Method:

1. Our Thoughts
2. Our Emotions
3. Our Fuel
4 Our Exercise
5. Our Letting Go
6. Our Immediate Environment
7. Our Macro Environment

He summarizes the health actions he took to regain control in a document he calls “7 Changes To Health.” He has created a free website to share the free document with everyone, explaining, “My goal is to give back to life by inspiring others to get healthy!” 

His simple method is a global and holistic approach to health, developed by a self-described “very ordinary person” to bring healing to his own life. It is not a diet and has no specific actions to follow, because every person is different. It is, instead, an approach and guideline for reflection on seven elements of life that will be defined by different actions for each person. It is a guideline to help every person find their own, individual balance and solution.

The method is valid for other diseases, too, and is not exclusive to heart disease. Samson has used it to heal his body, mind and spirit. He says, “People are more awakened now to the fact that our body and mind make a whole. When we take care first of our thoughts, then we create a different relationship to food and exercise. This is a simple way to understand how to take charge of your health. The website, the method and the document are free for anyone to read.”

Marc Samson lives in Canada and reads Oklahoma’s Natural Awakenings magazine online. He is not a doctor and does not offer this information as medical advice. He does not make any diagnoses or guarantees. For more info, visit