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10-week Transformational Coaching Program from Sacred Pillars Church

Jun 01, 2022 11:26AM ● By Tiffany Stuhr

What is Sacred Pillars? 

Sacred Pillars is a non-denominational church that empowers people who are feeling stuck in life to find their divine purpose and joy through the safe use of entheogens, which are also known as psychedelics. The church believes your specific concept of spirituality is yours to individually discover. We are here to support you in your divine exploration.    

What do the “pillars” in your name stand for?

The “pillars” simply represent support and upliftment. Our intent is to provide a loving, encouraging foundation for spiritual exploration. 

Give us an overview of the Sacred Way Transformation Coaching Program.

This program takes you on a 10-week journey of self-discovery with a professional coach. It’s a holistic approach to helping you develop an authentic relationship with yourself by exploring your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, community and environmental makeup. It includes weekly individual coaching sessions, guided journaling, weekly evaluations, goal setting, daily mindfulness practices, meditation and breathwork classes, cacao for heart-opening and integration support. Entheogens may be leveraged during the program as a tool to further assist you.  

What happens in the 10-week program? 

Using the coaching framework, you uncover who you really are, the life you really wish to lead, and take action to cultivate that reality. We dig deeply and honestly together. Introspection and making yourself a priority is a must. We give you practices for examining your needs, honoring and processing your feelings, understanding your thought patterns, discovering root causes, and then most importantly give mentorship, feedback and guidance to help you begin taking different steps that bring you joy.

Tell us more about the weekly individual sessions

We have a weekly video call for 90 minutes. No two sessions are alike, and we intuitively work with you on what’s of highest service to you in that moment. We may dig into your responses to the guided journaling, formulate goals and actions, work on shifting thought patterns or practice listening to the inner voice.   

How and why do you use meditation and breathwork in the program?

We use meditation as a way to detach from the overdrive thinking of the mind to regain calm and focus. Ceremonial breathwork used with intention fast-tracks releasing, allowing, activating and receiving. Folks that work with meditation and breathwork often flow into entheogen experiences with greater ease and more profound outcomes.  

What can someone expect when they are finished with the program?

Most commonly folks report more peace, acceptance and self-love. It’s our greatest joy to witness the “aha!” moments, the clarity, the changes in perspective and healthy habits, the renewed excitement and joy for life, honest self-reflection, compassion for others, feeling divine connection with the world, and on and on and on. Overall, people feel much better-equipped to peacefully navigate their inner landscape while circumventing the uncertainty of the external world.  

How do you use integration to support those who complete the program?

Transformation is a lifelong journey, and most people will likely want or need some type of ongoing support. It’s our human nature to be a part of a tribe, reach out for help, share our challenges and triumphs, and offer support to others. We do this as a community during two to three ongoing group integration, or support sharing circles, each month. 

How did you decide to start this community?

The idea slowly grew over a period of a few years while Candi Boyer and I were deep in our own spiritual journeys using entheogens. We were blown away by the power of entheogens to heal the wounding created by trauma, addictions and paralyzing fears. What resulted for us was interconnectedness, inner trust, knowing and peace. We wanted to give others the same opportunity to transform; however, there is so much more to the journey than just consuming an entheogen. We created the church to provide a safe, loving container for using entheogens, including preparation, ceremonies and integration, as well as a community for support and access to many different types of alternative healing modalities.    

What other services do you offer?

We see our services as tools. You get to pick up different tools along the way that feel most supportive to you, entheogenic or not. Additionally, we emphasize the value of preparation leading up to and integration after an entheogen experience. To that end, in addition to offering private and group entheogen ceremonies and retreats, the church holds a mix of online and in-person services for meditation, breathwork, cacao, yoga, sound baths, kambo, support sharing circles, entheogen education and transformational coaching. 

Sacred Pillars Church offers free discovery calls to answer questions about their services. Sign up at

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