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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

May Letter from the Publisher

May 01, 2022 11:29AM ● By Shanna Warner

Looking to the Future

Some of my favorite people are in the pages of this magazine. I cannot tell you how much fun it is for me and Mark to get to know our advertisers. They support this magazine with their business dollars so that we can share free info with you about new and emerging health and wellness topics. Without them, Mark and I couldn’t afford to print this magazine.  

So, a huge THANK YOU to each and every advertiser that has ever graced these pages. And I mean all of them—the past, present and future ones.

Every month we spotlight one of our local holistic advertisers. During this Women’s Wellness edition, we have a local article about an entire group of women in a wellness co-op. I love the energy of people coming together, all focused on creating health, wellness, happiness and transformation. This magazine focuses on the idea of “Better Together!” 

Every month we also discuss cutting-edge health and wellness topics. There are several reasons Mark and I are willing to push the envelope. Oklahoma is near the bottom in almost every health and wellness poll. We want to be a part of changing that. I am not okay with fellow Oklahomans dying because of lack of access to providers. I am not okay with quality health care being a defining line between rich and poor, or brown and white. I am not okay with health care being a 10-minute consultation that ends in a bottle of pills. 

How about a new way of thinking about health and wellness? Why not see it as a process of becoming, as a journey to create your best life? Imagine a path to wellness where we work together; where traditional medicine and complementary modalities commingle. Now, I will not delve into politics or religion and where those ideologies fit into this discussion. But I will say this: I truly believe it is every person’s God-given right to be as healthy as they can be, to easily seek out and find resources for their body, mind and spirit when needed.  

This is why we print the magazine. This is why advertisers support it. If there is something, anything, in this free magazine that helps you, inspires you, encourages you, helps you transform, helps you rise up, helps you become the best you in body, mind and spirit, then that is exactly what we all want. 

Now, for our FUTURE advertisers—we want every healing modality offered in Oklahoma represented in this magazine because we know that someone’s life will change because of what you do. This magazine is truly loved by our readers. We love you all right back. We get messages, letters and cards that express how much it means to them. So come join us. We truly are better together. 

With love and veggies,
Shanna Warner

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my hubby. Fear is really nothing and love is everything.