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Medicinal Mushrooms are Tasty, Too

Mar 01, 2022 09:00PM ● By Shanna Warner

Medicinal Mushrooms are Tasty, Too

by Shanna Warner

Little button mushrooms are a common product available in almost any grocery store. They are delicious simply sauteed with butter and a splash of white wine. Many people think of mushrooms only as a topping or ingredient, but the benefits go far beyond the dinner plate. 

Mushrooms have been eaten medicinally for thousands of years in cultures around the world, especially in Asian countries. Modern researchers are looking at the fascinating properties and health benefits in a wide variety of mushrooms. Studies are continuing to show how medicinal mushrooms can boost the immune system, enhance athletic performance, increase mental clarity and how they might help fight or even prevent illness and diseases like cancer.   

When Amber Hallum’s husband and business partner, Brian Hallum, was sick, they turned to mushrooms. The Hallums are owners of H & H Processing and Higher Health, in Afton, Oklahoma near Grand Lake. “I was looking for a plant-based solution to asthma issues for my husband. He was using his inhaler more regularly, and I wanted to help him manage his asthma with a more natural option. I found that the reishi mushroom helps with the lungs, so we tried it. Within the first week he was breathing better and using his inhaler less frequently.”

The Hallums were so impressed by the benefits of medicinal mushrooms that they created a line of products, Blossom Canna, that offers powdered medicinal mushrooms in capsules. The mushrooms are also available in capsules combined with non-psychoactive CBD. They use six main types of medicinal mushrooms, which are all organic and made without fillers from just the fruiting parts of the mushroom. 

  1. Cordyceps – “People find it helps them have more energy and gives them more stamina when working out. As a bonus, it also works just like the little blue pill for men.”

  2. Reishi – “It may help improve lung function, and combat asthma and COPD. It’s an adaptogen, which helps your body deal with stress on a cellular level. Reishi is a great mushroom to take before bed, since it helps relax you for sleep.”

  3. Lion’s Mane – “Scientists have recently discovered that Lion’s Mane can help combat the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's. People report it helps their brain function better and that it decreases social anxiety. It also helps your nerves regenerate faster. Lion’s Mane is regularly used alongside psilocybin to help treat depression.”

  4. Turkey Tail – “This has been found to support the body and increase the rate of survival while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Also fights viruses, such as herpes and warts.”

  5. Chaga – “A super mushroom with many benefits, it has been shown to support your immune system, to fight cancer and improve the gut biome.” 

  6. Maitake – “This mushroom is similar to chaga in that it has also been shown to boost the immune system and improve the gut biome. It’s also thought that it could help fight cancer and may be useful in controlling blood sugar and high cholesterol.” 

The mushroom capsules the Hallums make in their Blossom Canna product line are vegan, celiac-safe, gluten- and sugar-free. They can be taken as capsules or opened and sprinkled into beverages or food. Hallum notes that reishi “is delicious with chocolate, and turkey tail tastes great with eggs. Of course, any of the mushroom powders can easily be added to coffee, too.” Clients can get a blend of five mushrooms together (everything except the cordyceps), and, as with the singe mushroom capsules, it comes with or without CBD. 

As for the health benefits the Hallums have seen among their clients, one reported that growth of a cancerous tumor was halted with the addition to their diet of turkey tail mushrooms. The Hallums also have clients who report improvement in the symptoms of COPD and asthma, increased energy and improved cognitive functioning. Another reports that performance at work has improved due to lion’s mane mushrooms. 

Hallum has personally witnessed the positive effects in her family of cordyceps, turkey tail and pure cannabis oil combined together. Her mother has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for 35 years. In just one month, her mother was able to reduce opioid use by 50 percent using the combined products. 

Hallum is excited about the possibilities for natural healing with mushrooms. “People have been using mushrooms as medicine for over 2,000 years because they are effective. In our nation, we are just beginning to understand how powerful these fungi are, and how much they can benefit us and our health. At our store and at our lab, we focus on helping people increase their quality of life with cannabis and with mushrooms. We encourage people to use plants that are organic, natural and as close to nature as possible.” 

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