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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart at Healthy Roots Dentistry

Feb 01, 2022 10:27PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart at Healthy Roots Dentistry


Healthy Roots Dentistry, in Tulsa, reminds us that dental health is related to heart health. Gum disease (periodontitis) is associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease. Those with known heart conditions should be monitored by their primary care provider, but dental health should not be overlooked. 

US News published an article in August of last year, More Evidence Ties Gum Disease With Heart Disease. The Mayo Clinic reports that “Poor dental health increases the risk of a bacterial infection in the bloodstream, which can affect the heart valves. Oral health may be particularly important if you have artificial heart valves.”

To avoid inflammation and the potential of introducing bacteria into the bloodstream, practice good oral health:

  • Brush teeth at least twice daily

  • Clean between teeth daily with floss

  • Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings

Visiting the dentist is especially important now since many people have neglected their oral health because of COVID. Regular checkups and cleanings can be done safely in the dental office. Our mouths and oral health are part of the bigger, holistic picture. Everything in the body is connected, so taking care of our teeth helps take care of the whole person. 

Location: 6128 E. 61st St., Tulsa. For more information, call 918-982-6644 or visit

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