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Ask The Holistic Vet - January 2022

Jan 01, 2022 08:40PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Ask The Holistic Vet

Q: I took my 12-year-old dachshund in for her annual checkup and the veterinarian, who I had never met, said I need to do all those vaccines all over again. It didn’t seem right because isn’t she, like, seventy years old in human years?  

 A: You are right to be suspicious of this older concept. Giving a vaccine may lead to an immunized state but does not guarantee it. So you will not know if your pet is protected unless you do the titer test, which is a blood test for antibodies to parvo, hepatitis and distemper. Many people in our profession are afraid to take the emphasis off vaccines because they don’t believe the vaccines can do any harm. This is a false assumption. I would recommend testing your pet for distemper and parvo antibodies and getting a three-year rabies vaccine to stay legal. By taking this approach you are a “wise-Vaxxer.” I would also suggest that you find a family veterinarian who knows you and respects your values. Email us at [email protected] for a free detailed discussion on the possible effects of over-vaccination, and put the word “vaccines” in the subject line. 

Brad Roach, DVM, provides natural care for pets, including acupuncture, nutritional consults, herbal remedies, cancer and arthritis treatments. See his ad on the back page each magazine.

Holistic Pet Care, 3001 Tinker Diagonal Street Del City
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Best Friends Animal Clinic, 1313 North Harrison Ave, Shawnee
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Email your questions for Dr. Roach to: [email protected]

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