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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

November Letter from the Publisher

Oct 31, 2021 11:50PM ● By Shanna Warner

Let’s Get Controversial

I am about to start a bit of controversy, but before I do… If you are holding the magazine right now, then I would like to encourage you to go sign up for the digital edition, as well. We can’t always keep up with demand for the printed magazine, and I don’t want you to miss out! We can send the digital edition right to your email inbox each month. Go to the home page of to find the big green button that says “SIGN UP NOW” or scan the QR code down below.   

Now for the controversy! Our small publishing team here in Oklahoma works with a whole family of other publishers. Each month, we write great local articles and our staff writers create great national articles that we get to choose from for the next month’s magazine. SO, when Mark and I first got the option to read this month’s feature story about Conscious Dying, we weren’t sure we should run it. 

It is never our intention to offend anyone. Our goal is to start open conversations about holistic health and wellness. And yet, that goal creates controversy. We recently published a national story about psychedelic mushrooms and their healing properties. Peyote, cannabis and other entheogens are used traditionally here in Oklahoma and around the world to help people find physical, emotional and spiritual healing. (That national article ruffled feathers and offended a few folks.) There’s a local article this month about plant medicines.

We’ve published stories about yoga, which included pictures of practitioners in various sweaty poses. That also offended a few people for the amount of flesh shown. (Hope they didn’t see the revealing picture included in last month’s breast health story, because that lady was sweaty, smiling and perky.) So far, no one has complained!

Charging toward the frontier in holistic health and wellness can cause some controversy here in Oklahoma, especially when we talk about the mind-body-spirit connection. This month’s article about death and dying opens up that possibility. But, it is a truth that the physical body dies. And what happens next? The process of dying, death and what happens afterward is a deeply held matter of religion and spirituality for many people. We think these ideas are too important to NOT talk about. 

We have no intention to cause anyone harm by discussing a controversial issue. So, before you read further, please consider making a cup of tea. I have heard that chamomile is very calming, although I can’t drink it because of allergies. I can recommend an herbal blend of peppermint and spearmint together; it’s delicious hot or cold. And then enjoy the magazine! All of the articles we print and send out in digital format are designed to make us think, to ponder and ask those deep questions. And maybe, there might be a few answers in these pages, too. 

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