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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

VIDCAST & PODCAST Episode 9 - H&H Processing

Oct 14, 2021 09:28PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner
Imagine the early days of Oklahoma, the black gold rush. OIL. Finding oil in Oklahoma set the stage for what was then a "new" state in the union to become a powerhouse in the growing oil economy. The Hallum family was at the forefront of that oil boom in Oklahoma. Now though, two of the Hallum family members, Brian and Amber, are processing a different type of oil; its called FECO - Full Extract Cannabis Oil. And the Hallums believe it can be another type of oil rush for Oklahoma. But THIS oil rush is one that offers healing, hope and happiness in the form of physical and emotional relief. While our founding fathers (and mothers) used the cannabis plant for textiles, paper and a whole host of beneficial products, the modern era saw the plant being labeled as a dangerous drug, a toxic weed, not fit for anything. Hallum and Hallum Processing has been at the forefront of this re-discovery of the benefits of cannabis oil, and their experiences have taken them all around the nation and now back to Oklahoma to bring a message of hope and healing.

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