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The Energy Matrix Clearing System

Oct 10, 2021 09:32PM ● By Christine Spretnjak

The Energy Matrix Clearing System (EMCS) was developed by Dr. Gary Cone, founder of the Cone Center Living in Choice, in Oklahoma City. It is a process of healing whereby the EMCS practitioner helps the client identify and remove patterns that limit, block and prevent individual progress toward a happier and healthier life.

EMCS uses a specialized form of muscle testing—kinesiology—to identify energy blockages in the subtle energy bodies. This interrupted flow of vital force can cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations. EMCS uses vibrational healing sources from gems and minerals, essences of plants and animals, essential oils, creative imagery, light, color and sound frequencies to open blockages and restore healthy energy flow and communication.  

Muscle testing is a type of biofeedback from the body. It is powerful because it makes contact with all levels of self-awareness. It demonstrates that each of us is the only source of information about our individual experiences of life. It is important to note that muscle testing does not test muscles. It tests the brain’s hemispheres and looks for agreement between the left and right hemispheres. The EMCS muscle testing procedure tests both the left and right arms simultaneously. Using this method is an additional guarantee that the highest and most complete information is gathered through a whole-brain response.

EMCS incorporates principles of energy and vibrational medicine that indicate that humans are more than physical. Leaders in the field of energy medicine like Richard Gerber, M.D.; William Tiller, Ph.D.; and Julia Melges Jablonski agree that human beings are essentially energy, and that energy balance is necessary to sustain life. Because EMCS recognizes the multi-dimensional aspect of human beings, it accounts for the whole human holographic energy system. This includes brain functions, the autonomic nervous system, meridians, chakras, the etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies.

Since its inception in 2003, thousands have benefited from the process. The focus of the process is typically related to core negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that hold patterns of disease in place, which manifest in the body as various ailments. By diffusing those lower vibration feelings and emotions, the physical damage caused to the body by conflict, worry and anxiety is disrupted. One is then freed to experience harmonious energies like joy and love. The process has also proven effective at clearing energies that keep addictive patterns in place. There is no claim of curing disease; however, the process helps open channels and pathways in the human holographic system to free energy for healing.  

Anyone can benefit from EMCS. Each treatment session aims to increase the probability of self-awareness. As an individual grows in awareness and understanding, all parts of their life become animated. They can then move beyond mere survival to thriving in a life they enjoy and love.

Christine Spretnjak DD, DM, M. Ed Clinical Professional Counseling is an EMCS© Practitioner. She is in private practice in Oklahoma City and Dallas, TX. At Unblock Your Potential: The Center for Well-Being, she sees clients both in-person and online. For more information, call 405-928-0980 or email C[email protected]
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