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October Letter from the Publisher

Sep 30, 2021 06:44PM ● By Shanna Warner

My Brother’s Keeper  

In this great state we weather the storms of life in a particularly Oklahoma style! After all, we have plenty of experience when storms send F-5 tornadoes bearing down on us. When those literal storms of life tear up our communities what do we do? We band together and help each other out. 

So, what happens when the figurative storms of life come shakin’ our house, bustin’ up our lives and tearing us down to the foundation? This question has been on my mind throughout the last month. As I sit writing this letter to you, it has been four weeks since my dear little brother had a massive stroke. He is only 44 years old; it came unexpectedly out of the clear blue. 

He lives with me and Mark now so he can get access to physical and occupational therapy. It is a temporary situation until he can get back on his feet and recover as much as he can. Yes, it is hard on all of us, but when life knocks you down, you band together and help each other out. 

But it’s not just me and Mark who are helping lift my brother up. It’s a LOT of people. My entire family is 100 percent involved in helping my bro get better. But it is beyond that, too. My cousins, extended family and hundreds of friends have reached out. A simple heartfelt message I posted on my personal Facebook page brought out the best in so many people, with well-wishers offering up their thoughts and prayers, holding my brother in their hearts. 

It is pretty amazing. When you open up and share the hurt or pain, it can be scary. But great things can happen when you do. Because every pain shared is a pain lessened. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned in life. Too often, we hide behind our pain, pretending that everything is okay. Our pride or sense of self, or some fear of rejection or judgment, keeps us separated from help and hope. 

No more! See, we truly can band together and help each other. Oklahomans know this. We have experienced it many times through various tragedies in our state. It can also happen for you on that smaller scale with family and friends that rally around the hurt.  

This is part of the dream for our magazine. We want to be a resource that lifts you up, helps you find healing, helps you breathe a little easier knowing you have someone that cares. We want you to think of us as your family and friends. Mark and I are not cock-eyed optimists who think everything is just rainbows and wishes. But we do know the power of love and the power of a kind thought or word to lessen the pain and bring a little hope. 

I don’t know what you are facing today. But as you look through the magazine and visit our website, I hope your spirit and burdens are lifted just a bit.   

With love,

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