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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

September Letter from the Publisher

Sep 01, 2021 08:46PM ● By Shanna Warner

A few good jokes

Mark and I have an ongoing argument about each month’s Letter From The Publisher that I write. He says that I am way too serious and that I should lighten up. At which point I usually remind him that in previous letters to you, dear reader, I have talked about such unserious subjects as birthday cakes, chickens, cow patties, cousins, fireworks, goats, football, our lawn and its copious number of weeds, St. Patrick’s Day and brownies. 

This month, in an attempt to make my co-publisher hubby laugh out loud, I will tell you a few of my favorite jokes about writers.

     Did you hear about the writer that decided to become a baker?
     I’ve heard she makes delicious synonym rolls.

     How about the writer who couldn’t make money, so he decided to become a tailor?
     He had to make an Ernest living, the Hemingway. 

Of course, when I read this letter to Mark, the jokes made him smile. Now here is the obligatory “serious” part of my letter to you: life is hard. Smiling, laughing, keeping a light-hearted attitude, hugging people, talking with friends over a great cup of coffee, doing little good deeds—all of these make life a little better for everyone involved. That’s one of the reasons we include articles and stories in every magazine that will uplift you.  

Carol, one of our readers, noticed and recently sent us this message, “Hey folks, I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings at Mom’s Diner on Yale and what a pleasant surprise to have an upbeat, informative periodical that makes one feel better, not worse, about life.”

Another reader, BJ, sent us a handmade card with a little uplifting message about love. Those bits of encouragement and support make a difference. Carol and BJ, we want to thank you for reaching out to us. Both of you made both of us smile!

As usual, this magazine is full of great articles, information and tips to help you on your healing journey. The path to health and wellness is full of choices and changes, but the best part is that you don’t walk it alone. Mark and I, along with our growing staff here at Natural Awakenings Oklahoma, travel it with you. 

With love and veggies,