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New FOCUS for Autism Patients

Aug 05, 2021 01:26AM ● By Shanna Warner

According to, autism is a disease that currently affects one in 144 girls and one in 34 boys. The prevalence of autism is on the rise. Autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the United States. 

 While numerous studies have been conducted with autistic patients, no definitive therapy or medication has emerged. Physicians typically treat the symptoms of autism in one of two ways: they either treat the behavior or treat the cognitive aspects of the disease. Treating the behavior results in sedation. Sedation, while beneficial under extreme circumstances, can lead to a further lessening of cognitive function. Treating the cognitive functions with Adderall and other similar drugs sometimes results in or worsens disruptive or negative behaviors.

 To help with the symptoms of autism, TrueMedX, an Oklahoma brand, has a line of products called FOCUS. TrueMedx creates products based on the science developed by GnuPharma, a research and development company in Oklahoma focused on human health and function. GnuPharma developed a new model of human function, and by virtue of this model, can view disease states in new and unique ways.

 FOCUS products come in many forms, from tablets and powders to gummies. The products target and zero in on the metabolic aspects of autism and provide important natural product precursors and co-factors thought to be depleted in metabolic dysregulation associated with autism. 

 The graph below contains actual clinical data from a customer and illustrates the benefits being reported by the use of FOCUS TrueMedX products.


Location: 7726 N. Owasso Expy., Owasso. For more information, call 918-706-3947, email [email protected] or visit Autism parents can book an appointment online at

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