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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

August Letter from the Publisher

Aug 01, 2021 06:21PM ● By Shanna Warner

Thank you!

Dear readers, welcome to our August anniversary edition. We want to THANK YOU. Mark and I have been publishing and distributing Natural Awakenings for a year in the OKC and Tulsa areas, and what a year it has been! Some thought we were crazy to start a business in a pandemic, but we knew this was something special. 

Over the last 12 months, we printed and distributed 160,000 magazines, with more than 82 feature stories, 21 local articles, 129 news items and 33 recipes. That is a lot of health and wellness coming your way. Plus, there were more than 100,000 visits to our website for exclusive, online-only articles. And all of that content is free to enjoy!

Every month, Mark and I put our hearts into this magazine. A lot of love goes into making it, and we are so thankful each month for the outpouring of love that comes back to us from our readers. You inspire us and motivate us as we move into a second year of publishing. 

We are so thankful for YOU and so thankful for THEM—our advertisers. When the advertisers support this magazine each month, their focus is on health, happiness, hope and healing for the people (and pets) of Oklahoma. They’re not just focused on making money, even though we all need to make money to pay our bills and buy our organic veggies, right? But the kind providers and practitioners who support this magazine do it because they care. Good things truly happen when your heart is in the right place! 

As we move forward into the next 12 months of publishing, the magazine will continue to expand. During the past few months, we added a newsletter, a podcast, videocast, YouTube channel and Facebook interviews. We are now adding social media marketing, digital website building and a brand new Health and Wellness Chamber of Commerce. (You can find links to all of those extras on our website, 

So, celebrate with us! Share the magazine with someone you love. Connect with us on Facebook. Give us a call; send us an email. And while you are reading this celebration edition, stop a moment and thank an advertiser for sending you a bit of love in recyclable paper form today. If you pick up the phone or send them an email, tell ‘em we said hello, too. 

With love and veggies, 

Shanna Warner

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