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Fulcrum Health & Wellness

Jul 19, 2021 09:40PM ● By Mark Fergeson

Fulcrum Health & Wellness started because of one family’s mission to find better care for their son. When Family Nurse Practitioner Mark Fergeson injured his knee, requiring an ACL replacement, he had plenty of time to think about his family. In February of 2018, Fergeson injured his knee during a trip to Colorado to help his transgender son move back to Oklahoma. His son had received care in Oklahoma a couple of years earlier, but after moving to Colorado for school and getting established with a clinic there that specializes in hormonal treatments, the family realized how mismanaged their son’s treatment had been in Oklahoma.

Fergeson spent 20 years working in emergency rooms as a nurse and a nurse practitioner. He had considered opening a clinic before but the timing never seemed right. During the 8-week wait for surgery, he hobbled around and realized it was time for a change. He knew his son was having difficulty finding a clinic to manage his hormones. It did not take much research to discover that options for transgender hormone replacement in the Oklahoma City area was very limited. 

While at work on a very slow overnight shift, Fergeson put together a plan. He sent his wife, Sonya, a text describing a Family Practice Clinic open to everyone, but it specializes in LGBTQ+ healthcare and transgender hormones. This clinic accepts insurance, but doesn’t require it because it has affordable self-pay options and membership plans. It guarantees to provide quality healthcare services in a respectful, non-judgmental, friendly environment regardless of sexual orientation. She loved the idea and asked what the name of the clinic was. Fergeson emoji laughed and told her that he had no idea because it didn’t exist yet, but it would soon. 

They pulled money out of retirement. Other family members also invested in the clinic. While Fergeson was stuck in bed recovering from surgery, they set up the business. They chose the name “Fulcrum Health & Wellness” because in physics a fulcrum is a pivot point, or something that facilitates change. By August 2018 they purchased office space at the corner of Southwest 89th and Penn in Oklahoma City. During his recuperation, Fergeson completed over 120 hours of education on hormone optimization through The Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine and WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). On September 4th, 2018 Fulcrum Health & Wellness opened its doors. 

The clinic specializes in hormone replacement, autoimmune issues, and sexual health. They blend functional, homeopathic and traditional approaches to patient care, allowing them to customize treatment plans to better fit a client’s needs. They understand that many medical problems can be treated without the use of pharmaceuticals, and work with patients to find the right balance between supplements, diet/lifestyle modification, and medications to help them meet their goals. Fergeson spends extra time making sure that each patient understands their medical condition and gets the right tools for achieving their health goals. You will never hear a statement like “you just need to lose weight, so eat less and exercise more.” No one will ever be told that their symptoms are “all in their head” at Fulcrum Health & Wellness. Almost every day they hear from a new patient how they have been bounced between providers, even specialists, for years and never been taken seriously. Being listened to by a provider is more important than simple validation, it allows the search for the underlying condition to truly begin. The focus of treatment is to improve, correct, or resolve the underlying condition, not to put a bandage on symptoms to cover them up. 

The variety of services they offer makes them a little different from other primary care clinics. They provide a full range of affordable, high-quality IV infusion therapies normally only available at expensive infusion centers. They have massage chairs in the infusion room to help you relax and unwind. They have a variety of peptide therapies that assist with weight loss, wound healing, building muscle mass, and recovering from joint and tendon injuries. They utilize DNA testing that helps pinpoint and treat medical problems with a very high degree of accuracy, eliminating a lot of “trial and error.” They can do DNA panels for hormones, autoimmune, neurotransmitters/mood, detoxification, methylation and vitamin utilization, diet and weight loss.  

Fulcrum has three primary patient populations. First is general Primary Care/Family Practice, which consists of sick visits, managing chronic conditions, health maintenance and yearly exams. Hormone replacement is available for women, men and transgender clients. These patients are generally seen for menopause, perimenopause, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction and of course, transition. The third is autoimmune issues. They have developed very effective treatment protocols for many autoimmune diseases including: PCOS, Lupus, thyroid disorders, and even pediatric autoimmune issues known as PANDAS or PANS. 

Fergeson encourages all of us to practice some self-trust. He believes that you know you best. He adds that if you know something is wrong then, “Don’t let someone tell you that it’s all in your head or that it’s just a normal part of aging. You know your body better than anyone. Just don’t ever give up!” 

Mark Fergeson, MSN, APRN, FNP is the primary provider for Fulcrum Health & Wellness. He is a member of The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, The Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine, WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), PANDAS Physician Network, and The Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners.

Location: 1601 SW 89th St D100, Oklahoma City. For more information, call 405-546-7888
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