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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

July Letter from the Publisher

Jul 01, 2021 10:16PM ● By Shanna Warner

When I was a child, I believed that the fireworks, watermelon and hand-churned ice cream we enjoyed on July 4th was for me. I believed this because my parents told me so. See, my birthday is July 2nd. (My momma always told me I was a firecracker.) And there was always a great big celebration with family on the 4th, along with a great big cake with my name on it. 

I grew up in a rural part of Oklahoma and was blessed to have cousins on both sides of the family living nearby. (Hello David, Nancy, Vernon, Scott, Ross, Kevin, Cendy, Rex, Christopher, Laura, James, Brian, Brandon and Thomas—whew, and those are just my first cousins!) At some point, most of them participated in watermelon seed-spitting contests or even better, cowpatty jumping with me. (Yes, it is exactly what you think—the winner is the kid with clean shoes or feet.) Christina, Shelly and Joshua are my siblings, and they were right there celebrating my birthday, ahem, the NATION’s birthday, with me.  

Celebrations like the 4th of July bring us together—all 328 million of us. Yes, America has issues. Every country does. But when we put aside our differences and remember to be thankful for each other, then the celebration is sweeter and more meaningful. It’s also more delicious with great food. 

If you are looking for a new recipe to add to your celebration buffet and to enjoy throughout the summer, then we have got you covered! We add in as many great-tasting and healthy recipes every month as we can fit into the pages. There are even more online. Go visit our website, While you are there, sign up for the Newsletter, because we send out even MORE great recipes each month just for our subscribers. (And all of that content is free.)

Whether you celebrate our country’s birthday with veggie fried rice, gumbo, hot dogs, tofu tacos, clam chowder or chicken-fried anything, I hope it is delicious and that you are surrounded by family and friends. I sure will be! 

With love,