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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

VIDCAST & PODCAST Episode 7 - Fulcrum Health & Wellness

Jun 30, 2021 05:24PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

When Nurse Practitioner Mark Fergeson severely damaged his knee during a trip to Colorado to help his son return home from college, he KNEW he would have plenty of time to think about family and work.  And that's just what he did - while continuing to work. During a rare slow moment at his typically busy night shift in the Emergency Room of a major OKC hospital, Mark began thinking about his family, their medical needs and the community around him. He knew there was a need in OKC for a safe and non-judgmental clinic that provided hormonal treatments for men, women and transgender patients. He thought about how his son had not been well-served with his hormonal needs, and that began his quest to find the perfect safe medical place. He couldn't find it. So he and his wife, along with contributions from extended family, decided that THEY would create a medical clinic that would serve the Oklahoma community. Along the way, a pandemic happened, their practice grew, and they went beyond hormonal treatments when they found a huge need in the PANS and PANDAS community. Listen in as Mark discusses their family, their search for safe treatments, and how autoimmune diseases have now become such a huge part of the service at Fulcrum Hormone & Wellness Clinic. 

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