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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

PODCAST Episode 5 - Plant Medicines and Transformation

Jun 14, 2021 10:38PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Leticia Pizano of One Spirit Native American Church & Tiffany Stuhr of Two Pillars Foundation Church, both in the Oklahoma City area - join together to bring us an educational chat about plant medicine and transformation. 

Just a hundred years ago, plants were the only medicines available for treating the mind, body and spirit. In our modern world, the medical community relies heavily on created pharmaceuticals instead. These drugs are often effective because they try to mimic or maximize the effect from a plant. But all too often, we hear of side effects from lab-created drugs that are damaging to the body and might even be seen as worse than the original issue. When you add in the stresses of modern life and the increased reports of anxiety, depression and PTSD, you wonder if there can even be a lab-created medicine strong enough to really help. 

SO, what about going back to the beginnings of medicine, the plant beginnings?  This is what Leticia and Tiffany will discuss. Listen in as we talk about healing and transformation with plants.

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