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TrueMedX Bioceuticals

Jun 09, 2021 08:48PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Natural Awakenings welcomes Cynthia and Chip Paul of TrueMedX Bioceuticals to the magazine. Cynthia is the graphics and web designer at the company, and Chip is the head of research and development. 

The Pauls are a husband and wife team, small business owners and leaders in the vanguard of plant medicine here in Oklahoma. They have a special focus on helping patients with autism. They are able to see positive changes in children, parents, caregivers and families due to the research and products they provide. There can be an immediate benefit for consumers, unlike with traditional pharmaceuticals. Their goal is to make natural product formulations available now rather than waiting on traditional clinical trials and more formal development. 

Their specialty is modulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to achieve desired health or wellness effects. The ECS, as our master regulatory system, is influenced by two things: diet and environment. Their products target dietary needs. They nutritionally engineer specific formulas and create products to specifically deal with imbalances in the body. 

Chip is a mathematician by training. He is considered a world expert on the ECS. As the principal investigator with a grant from the University of Mississippi, he has a team of Ph.D.s working under him on this ground-breaking research. This information has been taught only since 2019 at the graduate level. 

Clients and consumers who come to TrueMedX are simply looking for relief. This is done by specialty compounding of ingredients and focused through one-on-one consultations. With their understanding of the ECS, the Pauls are able to recommend a nutritional program with natural products and supplements that can help bring balance back to those looking for natural relief. 

They are passionate about finding natural solutions. Families or caregivers of autistic patients, or anyone looking for education about the master regulatory system known as the ECS, can reach out to Chip and Cynthia. Their goal is to help others truly thrive, not just survive. 

Location: 7726 N. Owasso Expy., Owasso. For more information, call 918-706-3947, email [email protected] or visit Autism parents can book an appointment online at

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