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Veterinarian Shines Light on Laser Treatments

Jun 09, 2021 06:58PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Dr. Brad Roach, veterinarian and owner of Holistic Pet Care Center, in Oklahoma City, and Best Friends Animal Clinic, in Shawnee, has been treating pets with holistic medicine for more than two decades and encourages pet owners to seek a more natural way to treat their Best Friends.

Roach explains, “Laser therapy has become known as photobiomodulation, and while it can help tremendously with inflammation, research is showing more and more uses and benefits of treating with lasers. For example, laser therapy has been shown to treat resistant bacteria and help with tough infections. It is also used to facilitate healing of incisions in postsurgical treatments.” Roach also sees exciting developments in the future, as equipment will be available soon to treat tumors with the laser via gold nanoparticles. 

Laser therapy can also offer other advantages, according to Roach. “Customers get fast and easy treatment for their pets’ joint disorders; Treatments are usually less expensive than other therapies since it can be delivered by trained staff members; It is noninvasive and ideal for patients that cannot tolerate acupuncture or other injectable treatments.”  

Locations and contact: Holistic Pet Care Center, 3001 Tinker Diagonal St., OKC, 405-605-6675,; Best Friends Animal Clinic, 1313 N. Harrison Ave., Shawnee, 405-275-9355,

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