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Local Voices - Keys to Pure Love, Peace and Wisdom

Feb 09, 2021 10:56PM ● By Melissa Nikhila

Keys to Pure Love, Peace and Wisdom
by Melissa M. Nikhila

Learning and practicing meditation for a few minutes each day helps us to become more centered and balanced. Feeling emotionally and physically stable assists everyone in completing daily work and tasks. Becoming more centered and balanced increases the ability to remain calm and relaxed when faced with stressful situations. The less stressed we feel, the more joy we experience in our lives. The joy we bring to others also fosters positive relationships. Being less reactive to situations and learning how to respond when faced with negative stimulus creates a positive environment within which to live.

The average person is unaware of the many benefits of meditation. The common perception about meditating is that it is used only to control thoughts in order to become more focused. This misperception discourages people from attempting to develop a meditation practice. Clearing the mind is perhaps the result of meditating, but not the goal in the beginning—trying to sit quietly without having much practice can be difficult.

Chanting meditation, which involves repeating a mantra for five minutes or more, has the powerful ability to provide relief from anxiety and fear. Some chants help with releasing anger and creating a space filled with peace. An easy expansion-filled mantra to chant is “Om Shanti Om” with hands placed over the heart. Another simple, but transforming, sound is the vowel “Ah” pronounced while the hands are placed in the lap, overlapping and with thumbs touching. 

Focusing at the third-eye point—an area centered in the middle of the forehead—creates an energetic reaction. This causes the mind to release negative thoughts, leaving room for peace to fill in. Clearing the mind has more to do with letting go than it does with attempting to control the thoughts. The thoughts that stick around want attention. They signal the need for healing or the need to address them in another way. After a few minutes of mantras, even if the unwanted thoughts stay, an uplifted feeling and a new perspective will be present.  

Many other meditation techniques exist to help become relaxed, centered, calm, balanced, energetic, whole and confident. An important technique is learning how to work with the breath. Breathing well is invaluable in daily life, allowing us to remain centered while staying calm and alert. 

A valid goal for meditation is to feel good and relaxed. Trying to willfully force the mind to focus, however, only causes frustration. Mental focus will occur with time spent practicing meditation. Many other fun and interesting techniques are available for those who want to go within to find peace, health and joy. Meditation can be an adventure for everyone. 

Melissa M. Nikhila is a certified meditation teacher. She has a master’s degree in religious and spiritual studies from the University of Oklahoma. Connect at [email protected]

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