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Holistic care is not just for people. What about man's best friend?

Feb 09, 2021 10:49PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Holistic Pet Care for Your Best Friend
 by Shanna Warner

 Combining state-of-the-art practices with holistic therapies to treat man’s best friend is the specialty of the Best Friends Animal Clinic in Shawnee and the Holistic Pet Care Center in Del City. Since 1990, Brad Roach, DVM, and his staff have been using an increasing arsenal of cutting-edge practices to treat their fuzzy and furry patients. Dogs are often known as man’s best friend, but Roach and his staff know that any animal can be your best friend, from rats to cats and everything in between.  

 Roach practices integrative veterinary medicine and has an open mind about what is best for each pet. His staff is committed to education, research, developing new skills and finding new solutions. He combines regular medicine with holistic therapies and is experienced at blending different types of holistic medicine for a tailored approach that focuses on results. The clinics offer acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic and other holistic therapies.

 Conventional medicine and surgery are also available if needed to get results. The clinics use digital radiography and in-house blood machines to get answers quickly. Recently, they added new equipment that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose urine specimens. They can even test to see if vaccines are necessary for each individual patient. Side effects of many traditional medications can be avoided in many cases because of this open and integrative approach.

 Pets and their human family members might notice a few differences when they walk in the door. The clinics are calm and quiet, and the smell of essential oils infused at the front desk provides a welcoming ambiance. The calm, gentle style of the staff goes a long way to making patients feel more comfortable. Roach says, “Our customers always feel heard. They always have choices in health care, and with us, they do not feel like their pet is on an assembly line, because every step is customized.”

 His goal is simply to expose as many people as possible to the concepts of holistic medicine. He does this through the successful treatment of pets in an inspiring way so that pet owners have confidence to try holistic medicines. According to Roach, “Many times when an animal becomes very ill, it leads the pet parent to research and to learn about holistic modalities for themselves as well.” He admires the bond between humans and animals and knows that what matters most is getting results that bring pets and owners into a happier state. 

 Roach has a special bond with patients and clients. From an early age, back in the 4th grade, he knew he was going to become a veterinarian. He enjoys the freedom to practice and use any appropriate modality without the constraint of insurance coverage or legal interference. He especially values the freedom “to change and pivot to other new skills quickly without having the big machinery of multi-doctor practices and a corporate mentality.” The clinics offer customizable health care plans with easy monthly payments, which makes even the best of care affordable. 

 Roach and his team see traditional ailments in their patients—mostly skin issues and earaches that can often be treated without the use of steroids. They are getting great results with arthritis issues like elbow and hip dysplasia since their expansion into chiropractic and laser therapy. But they have gained a widespread reputation for treating cancer, which Roach says is far more prevalent now than it was in the past three decades. This is my 30th year in practice, and we now have Sanawave for cancer therapy, a laser for arthritis and other ailments as well as entire lines of vitamins and herbs that have had clinical studies to prove how well they work.”

 There are many exciting treatments on the horizon. “Electromedicine is expanding exponentially and we can already deliver healing frequencies through magnetic waves, song frequencies, other sounds and visual stimuli like color. It may be a bit confusing now if you're not exposed to this yet, but many modalities like homeopathy, essential oils and electro-acupuncture already deliver frequencies.” Roach goes on to mention that every tissue, organ and organism has a frequency and that “our ability to diagnose will explode in the next five years due to handheld machines that operate like a sonar system detecting abnormal frequency.” 

 Roach’s excitement about the future of veterinary medicine is contagious, and he wants to mentor other veterinarians that are tired of the constrictions and limited results of a conventional practice. At this point in his career, he sees himself as a teacher and would love to work during the next few decades alongside like-minded colleagues who, according to Roach, “really get it!”

 He believes that humans face some of the same issues as animals. He likes to point out that we are an exhausted and sick population because we do not eat right or move enough, and we seek quick fixes. He tells pet owners to take their health into their own hands, do research and have courage to move in a different direction if they are not getting better. He says, “Look into important modalities like essential oils, electromedicine and acupuncture, and pay attention to your back with chiropractic care.” Roach and his staff care for pets and their owners, too. 

 Locations: 3001 Tinker Diagonal St., OKC, and 1313 N. Harrison Ave., Shawnee. For more information, call 405-605-6675 or visit

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