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We are heart-centered this February!

Are you ready for the Natural Awakenings February love-fest? We are heart-centered! We’ve got healthy recipes, tips for helping your heart by lowering blood pressure, ways to get kids (and adults) to love veggies, ways to find self-love, tips for consciously loving your partner, some love for our planet and a focus on adorable pets that help us feel and share more love. 

While February 14th is known all around the world as a holiday for celebrating love, the 15th has been recognized in my family as a separate holiday. It is the hallowed time when all those unsold Valentine’s Day treats go on deep discount, also known as Chocolate Day. Thankfully, Mark knows that chocolate is my favorite treat. 

While my tastebuds love it, my heart and waistline do not. So what’s a chocolate lover like me to do? Well, I am not one to deny myself the best things in life, and for me, chocolate ranks right up there with campfires on a starry night, happy tears shed at weddings, hugs from adorable grandkids and Beethoven’s 3rd symphony. Yeah, it’s that good!

So, I take my chocolate treats dark with less sugar and fat; you get more of the chocolate benefits and flavor that way. (My heart and waistline thank me.) I also make my own treats at home. Check out my seriously delicious and healthy brownies on page 21. They are gluten and dairy-free, low-sugar and full of fiber. They might remind you of a healthy version of those dark, dense brownies packaged up by that deceptively skinny-looking gal known as “Little” Deb.

While I might talk of “love” for many things, from pets to my mocha latte, my understanding of the true nature of love developed decades ago after reading The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. It is my favorite non-fiction book, and I had the pleasure of reading it to my co-publisher hubby recently. 

In Peck’s definition, love is not the warm, fuzzy feeling we get in the good times when we hold hands with our sweetheart. Love is not a noun. Love is a verb. It is the action we take in the difficult times when we hold their hand and help lift them up; it is support we give when we help another grow and become. Love is action.

As you read this magazine, please know that Mark and I have put our love into it. We bring it to you in the hopes that it will help you take action in some way, by bringing hope, health, happiness and harmony. We are heart-centered. Welcome to our February love-fest!


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