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Natural Awakenings Oklahoma

PODCAST - Proud To Serve Dentistry

Jan 19, 2021 10:40PM ● By Shanna And Mark Warner

Dr. Audrey May-Jones served her country and now she is serving her patients.  She is a DDS, a dentist, but she specializes in "Holistic" or "Biological" Dentistry.  Often, in the holistic community we think of the organic foods we eat, the products we choose to purchase, and the plastic we choose to reduce, reuse and recycle.  But, we might NOT think about our mouth as a part of the holistic picture.  Dr. May-Jones assures us that it absolutely is.  We cannot think of whole-body health without including oral health as a huge part of that, too.  Listen in as we have a great discussion about the mouth, mercury fillings and how the body impacts overall health. 

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